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2015 Subaru Outback

2007 Jeep Commander

Happy Thanksgiving!

We just wanted to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving in advance because we know you’re going to be busy with family and friends next week and those food comas are a real thing. Seriously.

Food comas are where you eat so much and in so many rounds that by the end of it all, you’re lying on the floor in pain and the buttons on your jeans are screaming for mercy. You’re sweating and debating whether to fake your own death in order to get out of round 6. You can’t reach your phone to check your Facebook, let alone breathe evenly. They’re so real that we wanted to give you our Thanksgiving message beforehand.

In the spirit of thankfulness that seems to permeate the air around this time of year, JP’s wants to thank all of our customers and employees. We really wouldn’t be where we are today without each and every one of you! A business doesn’t last multiple decades without a great clientele, people willing to give reviews, and awesome employees! Thank you all and may you have a very happy Thanksgiving!

Out of Gifting Ideas?

The gifting season is slowly creeping upon us and, if you’re like me, you’re running out of ideas of what to get some of the harder to please people on my list. Why not give them a gift certificate for a top-notch detail or replace that bumper that’s been barely hanging onto their vehicle for the last 6 months?

We have tons of ideas as to what we can do to help you give a gift that’s unexpected, different, and actually useful. We can repair, replace, paint, upgrade, or polish just about everything riding on wheels, from bumper to bumper. Come pop in and ask for Scott or JP. Let us show you some of the possibilities and what 5-star service is all about!

A Thankful November!

November is a month that often forces us to hone in on and reflect upon what we are thankful for. Our social media pages are flooded with “30 Days of Thankfulness” posts and photos. We give thanks for everything from pumpkin spiced lattes to the little conveniences we enjoy on a daily basis. Things that often get taken for granted and overlooked… like having a roof over your head or the invention of toilet paper.

It’s around this time of year that we begin to soften our hardened exteriors in anticipation of the Holiday season. We open our hearts. We smile more. We see family members that we haven’t seen since the last go-round and we marinate in mutual gratitude. It truly is a wonderful time of year.

JP’s Collision Center wants you to know that we are thankful for YOU, our valued “family” of customers. Our 40 years in business couldn’t have ever been possible without our clientele, their referrals, and their return business. We just wanted to say thank you and wish you the most wonderful November yet!
Thank You!

We Don’t Like to Brag, But…

Okay, maybe sometimes it’s okay to toot your own horn a little! JP’s Collision Center has worked extremely hard over the last forty plus years to put our customers first and maintain our reputation for integrity, honesty, and excellent service.

We strive to treat everyone that walks through our doors the same as we would if they were our own family. Decades of hard work have paid off! This year, we received an award for being in the top 100 most highly-rated local businesses in the state of Utah for 2019, number 13 on the list to be exact!

We recognize that we could never have gotten this award without each and every one of you that has taken the time to leave reviews and give us the kind of ratings that got us awarded! Thank you all! If you’d like to take a look at the list of this year’s recipients, click the attached link. https://www.topratedlocal.com/awards/region/utah/year/2019

Have we done work for you but you just didn’t have the chance to give us your feedback yet? You can do so by leaving a review on our Facebook page, Yelp, or Google. Thank you again to all of you! We know it is because of you that we are able to proudly boast our success!


The Clock is Ticking!

In the summer months, we might be able to squeak by with putting off needed repairs on our vehicles. That crack in your windshield that slightly obstructs your view when the weather is good, is going to be a much larger problem when the weather begins to take a turn for the worst. Those bald tires might cut it when the roads are dry, but throw in a little moisture mixed with colder temperatures, and you now have a serious problem that not only endangers the passengers inside our vehicles but everyone within a 100+ ft. radius around us. It’s a recipe for disaster.

The headlamps and safety lights that were designed for a reason? Yeah, you might not notice it as much when the sun comes up at 0500 and stays up until 2100, but winter is on her way and she’s on her own program. Don’t wait until dark winter to realize it is time to change out the bulbs or headlamps in your vehicle. It might be too late by then. Trick or treaters will be hitting the streets in swarms before we know it and I’m sure hitting a child that you couldn’t see isn’t on anyone’s bucket list. It’s time to stop procrastinating and get those minor repairs taken care of so that everyone inside and around your vehicle can be safe!

Not sure where to turn? Right off 3rd West, in between 33rd and 39th South, there’s a family-owned and operated business that’s had your back for over 40 years. Pop in and ask for JP or Scott. Tell them you want to make sure your vehicle is safe for the months ahead. We will take care of you, giving you the peace of mind that you need to go out and face other challenges that life brings, without having to worry about tire blowouts in 20-degree weather on I-80 with your 6 kids in the car.

With everything we face each week, worrying about the overall safety of our vehicles doesn’t need to be one of them! Come see us and we will check things over for you, giving you honest feedback before we complete the repairs, letting you decide what needs immediate tackling and what can be scheduled for the next round of fixes.

Paint Booth Facelift!

Having been in business for over 40 years, we are the first to admit that our equipment needs regular maintenance and touch-ups periodically to keep them fully operational and looking up to the task. Our paint booth has been in operation for years and so we decided to strip off the layers of buildup from over the years and repaint it. This will also help with dust and particle minimization and control during the painting process of vehicles and parts that come into the bay, ensuring a clean, flawless surface upon completion.

Stay tuned for further updates on changes to the building and additions that will further our ability to accommodate just about anything you can drive into our shop! We are excited about the facelift and will keep you posted on each progression once completed. Check out how great our paint booth looks now!

Pontiac Solstice

One inevitability in the life of a car is that it is bound to get some dings and scratches along the way. These accidents vary in degrees of severity, and sometimes they render the vehicle undrivable. When this happens, we can no longer ignore the damage like we can with a dent or something simply cosmetic. We need to get it fixed, or we will be Ubering everywhere we go, which isn’t the most practical answer.

Check out the repairs we did to this Pontiac, which hit a wall, nearly ripping the steering assembly and wheel clean off. The hood, quarter panel, and bumper were also damaged. Structural damage was pretty severe, but we think we handled the repairs like true professionals. What do you think?