Happy New Year!

With Christmas now in the books, we naturally turn our attention to the next big holiday: New Year’s! What’s the first thing that comes to mind when we think about this holiday? For most people, and I’d be willing to bet on this, the word “resolution” comes to mind. Almost everyone makes one in the spirit of forwarding personal progression and change for the better. “Lose 10 Lbs.” or “make healthier choices”. Maybe even somewhere along the lines of changing their financial and personal situations. Whatever the resolution, a call to action is present and it’s kind of the whole point, isn’t it? Maybe you are a part of that .001% of people that either doesn’t have a resolution, doesn’t believe in them, or you are just simply content with exactly where you are in life; you can still make a conscious effort to better your situation. What am I talking about? Let’s chat.

Have you ever heard that your possessions, especially things like your car, are extensions of yourself and serve as reflections of your character? I once attended a business conference where one of the Keynote speakers talked about the hiring process for a particularly large company he owned. One of the final interview process steps he implemented involved walking with the interviewee to their vehicle and seeing them off. Seems like a polite and courteous gesture, right? But he did this for a reason. He told us that if he walked them to their car and it was filthy in appearance, unkept, or filled with fast food garbage, they never got a call-back. Why? Because we are judged, whether we like it or not, by our overall appearances, and this includes what you drive.

If our vehicles are eyesores, chances are there are multiple other areas of our lives that are equally lacking proper attention, and this is not the kind of person most people want to hire and trust with their businesses and clients. So, whilst everyone else is hitting the gym to attempt to change only their personal appearances this New Year’s, take it a step further and give your vehicles a look that will match your level of excellence and that will send a message that you are organized, pay attention to details, are aware of the subliminal message that you are overall communicating, and quite possibly most importantly, that you CARE.

Does your vehicle not reflect your level of excellence? Come see us! We offer everything from simple detailing to complete vehicular makeovers! You see, it doesn’t do much good to spend countless hours trying to look like the new Aquaman or Angelina Jolie when we are rolling up to an interview, date, or anywhere else in a run-down and hideous piece of junk! But, there’s hope yet! Come visit us and let us show you the possibilities!

Happy New Year from everyone at JP’s Collision Center and remember to celebrate responsibly this year! Be safe out there, never drink and drive, have a plan, and if all else fails…Uber it up! We wish you an epic 2019! Just a quick reminder that we will be closed New Year’s Day, January 1st. See you next week and cheers!

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas From Everyone at JP’s Collision Center!

We wanted to keep this week’s post short and sweet so thatyou can get back to what truly matters most this Christmas, and that’s beingwith family and loved ones. That said, we wish you all the warmest and mostwonderful of Christmas seasons!

Please note, we will be closed Saturday, December 22nduntil the morning of the 26th.

Let it Snow!

For anyone that commuted through the Salt Lake valley this morning, I’m sure we can agree on one thing: the snow fell and everyone temporarily lost their minds. (Bet some of you wish you had heeded my words ofadvice a couple of weeks back regarding winter prep now, eh?) People were slidingoff roads and skidding into opposing objects all over the place or gettingstuck behind that one car whose owner failed to remove any of the snow prior toputting it in drive. Fun stuff.

The thing to remember as the days are ticking down to Christmas, the day when all of our shopping prowess finally gets recognition (well, at least Santa gets credit anyway), is that we are all in a mad dash to pick up those last-minute gifts. We are all braving the elements to attend festive parties. We are all busy, with places to be and are on these icy roads together, so why not let some of that Christmas spirit affect the way we drive?

Be courteous, use your turn signals, slow down, give plenty of spacing between you and the car ahead of you and if it isn’t sunny, turn your lights on! Just because you can see, doesn’t mean other people can see you! Flurries and flat light, met with camouflaged salt-covered vehicles? Recipe for disaster! Vehicles with their lights on are much more visible and the best part is that they really are easy to turn on! A lot easier than dealing with an accident.

Another thing to remember is that even if you have snow tires, AWD or 4WD, that does not mean you will stop faster! Additional traction is always our friend, no one is disputing this, but any and all traction is lost by sudden changes in speed, like slamming on your brakes or “punching it”. Ever lost traction in a snowstorm, taking that corner a little too fast or tapping your brakes a little too vigorously? You then corrected this by letting off the gas or brakes. Like magic, the vehicle regains traction and you aresuddenly back in control of your vehicle! Well, it isn’t magic…it’s scienceactually. Slow down and just pretend your favorite person is 2 weeks old and sittingin the back seat. That should help you keep your lead foot under control and avoidcollisions and other likewise unfavorable and unbecoming scenarios, like roadrage.

Be safe out there! JP’s Collision Center urges you to buckle up and practice safe and courteous driving this Christmas and New Year’s season. Let people merge, always have a travel plan and never drink and drive! (Uber is seriously the easiest APP ever to use.) Let’s come together in the name of kindness and safety to ensure everyone gets home for Christmas this year!


There’s something about this time of year, something magical that happens. I’m not talking about getting exactly what you wanted from Santa either. Something’s in the air and it is kind, thoughtful, giving, caring and compassionate. It compels us to reach out to those in need and comfort them. It talks us into taking back that stray shopping cart, left in the middle of the lot, the one we didn’t leave there. We give spare change to the guy on the corner with his cardboard sign more freely and we are less apt to judge how he got there. We shovel our neighbor’s driveways and everybody’s helping everybody. Yes, there’s something about the holidays that brings the best out in us.


Maybe it’s the lights or the Christmas trees or the secret Santa gifts (probably NOT the fruitcake), but everyone seems to be getting along and for an entire month and everyone suddenly remembers how to use their turn signals. It truly is a wondrous thing to behold, this everyone going out of their way to be kind to one another thing! But with it comes the question of why we aren’t like this all year round? We’ve all seen it. Come January, the gyms will be packed with new year’s resolutionists and the world goes back to the way it was before the season made us think about others. We go back to the grind and our old, less thoughtful selves. Why?


We challenge you to continue your random acts of kindness and pay it forward attitude, even after the Christmas tree comes down. Make it a point to do one selfless or kind act each day. Maybe don’t just walk by that shopping cart on January 1st. Check in on an elderly neighbor. Call yo


ur out of state family. Bake cookies and brownies and give them anonymously to a family that could use the cheer. Donate clothing or your time to a shelter. Bring in your neighbor’s garbage cans. It doesn’t have to anything earth-shattering, just a gesture from the heart.


The spirit of the holidays should reside within us all year long, not just a few weeks. Who knows? It might even stick and become something you do regularly without even having to think about it. It’ll just be a part of you. Wouldn’t it be some awesome place if everybody did this? JP’s Collision Center would like to wish you and yours a wonderful and safe holiday season. Pay it forward and focus on the true meaning behind this time of year!


If you would like to donate to our clothing drive, we are still accepting items over the next week. Just bring it down to the shop and we will collect and distribute those items the week of Christmas.



Great Gifting Ideas!

With the Thanksgiving turkey hangovers done and over for 2018, festive lights are beginning to pop up around town and the snow is in the near forecast. Everything smells like pumpkin spice and our waistbands are feeling a little more pressure than average. Driving around town, we can see people coming home with trees strapped to their roofs and the infectious holiday spirit is so thick in the air that we can taste the peppermint. I’m assuming that if you’re reading this, you’ve survived Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but there’s always that last-minute shopping left still to do before you’ll be ready for the Mother of all holidays: Christmas!


Have you checked off almost all of your entire gift list and still have yet to get something for that hard-to-buy-for person? You know, the one that seems to already have everything or is so picky that you get anxiety about gifting to them? May I suggest thinking outside of the Christmas box? JP’s Collision Center can help you come up with an unusual, meaningful, and sure to please gift! We offer a wide variety of gift ideas for the season, ranging from headlamp restoration to bed liners and running boards. Not everybody needs paint and bodywork. We know this. So, maybe now’s a great time to fix that pesky automated running board that has been bugging your mother all year long. (The one that sporadically pops in and out at the most random of times, while failing to open and close when actually needed.)


Funny (now) personal story; I once had my car stolen at 0500 hours, on a Sunday, right from my driveway, in the dead of winter. I was warming my car up and getting ready to head off on another snowshoeing adventure and I had left my car running to defog while grabbing the last of my gear from my house. I hadn’t been gone 2 minutes, but I turned around with my gear and opened the door to my house, only to find… an empty driveway! My epic frolic in the woods now canceled and, more importantly, my beloved Subaru Outback was gone! I could just picture in my mind the little snot-nosed young’uns that were out joy-riding, hitting trash cans, and doing donuts in my baby as I called the police to report it. Then came the anger from the violation of my personal space, as well as being angry at myself because I knew better than to leave my car running, unlocked, with the keys in it! But, honestly, who steals a car at 0500 on a Sunday?! Somebody did and it wasn’t fun to deal with.


You know what would’ve saved me this entire garbage experience? If I had had a keyless ignition system installed in my car. This might be the perfect idea for those in your circle who, like me, like to warm up their car from the comfort of inside the house. It’s also a great idea for anyone who doesn’t enjoy having their vehicle stolen, which I’m assuming is just about everyone on the planet that owns a car. I had one installed immediately after my vehicle had been recovered and now I never have to worry about that again. And it feels great!


Out of Christmas gift ideas? Come chat with us and let us help you come up with the perfect options that are actually useful! News flash: everybody’s tired of getting wool socks! Step outside of gifting norm and knock their socks off this time, rather than just giving them socks! Call for pricing and scheduling now and then relax while we check that last person off your list for you!

Happy Thanksgiving!

In just a handful of hours, the majority of us will be sitting around a table, enjoying our loved ones and a great spread of food. The kids will be running amok and the obligatory conversations with the mildly tolerated in-laws and estranged second cousins will begin. Turkey, mashed potatoes, candied yams, green bean casseroles, rolls, cranberry sauce, deviled eggs… I can almost taste them now! Thanksgiving is a time for friends, family, good food and company, thankfulness, and laughs. It is a day where we don our stretchiest of pants and put our personal intestinal fortitude to the test! We sign ourselves up for round after round of helpings, ultimately ending the day in a state of a food-induced coma, snoozing it off on the couch.


JP’s Collision Center wants to wish you and your family the happiest of Thanksgiving holidays! But on a more sobering note, we cannot forget those this season that have encountered a less-than-fortunate series of circumstances. Those that are homeless. Those that are alone and feel this void more seriously around this time of year. Those that are serving our country abroad and overseas that cannot be with their loved ones at this time and those that are at home, wishing their loved ones that are serving could be with them. Let us also not forget those that have suffered a loss in number this year and will feel that loss more heavily, staring at that empty chair around their table.


As we reflect on our blessings from the year, may we take a moment to pray for those hurting, in need, and for those that are alone. I myself have committed to taking my kids to the local shelter so that they can gain perspective and volunteer to serve their fellow man. They are only 5 and 10, but compassion and love can be learned at any age. Make it a point to do at least one random act of kindness and sign yourself up for some charitable work. You will help others while helping yourself grow as a decent human being at the same time. If you would like to join me and my family in visiting the shelter, please reach out and let us know. I will be contacting the shelter soon to find out what is most needed from us, as well as dropping the clothing and other needed items that we have collected over the last few weeks off.


May we continue to be blessed and thankful throughout the year, and Happy Thanksgiving to all those that are receiving this message! Cheers!

Ho, Ho….NO!

Is your vehicle in need of a minor fix in order to look great for all of the inevitable holiday travel that is going to be happening over the next few weeks? Let’s face it, no one wants to roll up to their in-law’s or friend’s house this holiday season with a dirty car with duct tape being the only thing keeping it intact. (A particular Adam Sandler song comes to mind, doesn’t it?) We get it! Stuff happens! We’re a busy species! First, the frost on your car thaws, then every speck of dirt along with every leaf in the universe gets stuck to it. Been there! I don’t have a garage to park in either, but I sure as heck am not going to be rolling around to business meetings and holiday parties with it like that!

Then the salt trucks come back into commission, coating your vehicle and making it prone to rust, not to mention adding to the overall unsatisfactory look of your car. Driving around like this usually results in strangers drawing colorful and creative modern petroglyphs on your windows as well, am I right? Then later at the grocery store, you park your car alone on the far end of the parking lot to avoid anyone parking anywhere near you, and lo and behold! You come back out to find a solitary shopping cart has been parked/smashed into the side of your door.


But maybe, just maybe you’ve decided it’s time for the duct tape holding your mirror on, along with the “seven different colors”, the dirt, and the dents to go? We are there for you! JP’s to the rescue! (Que the superhero soundtrack.) The thing is, you have a choice. We make conscious decisions every day, and today might just be the day you make the conscious decision to fix that nagging door handle or that mirror that’s hanging on for dear life.


Treat someone you love to a unique and thoughtful gift this Christmas season; fix their car! Have no friends, avoiding the in-laws, or is your significant other actually a car? It’s ok to give your car a great Christmas present too! Better yet, treat yourself! JP’s offers a wide variety of services and we can help you find the perfect fit for your holiday budget! Come drop in, say ‘hello’, and let us show you the possibilities!

The Vacationer: Part 2

We had a blast with this project and we think it shows in the finished product! What do you think? We tried to document the process as much as possible to show you the amount of work that goes into a project this large and let our photos do most of the talking. It was no small feat, but we did it, and we think it turned out beautifully! Gone are the cracks in the paint. Goodbye weathering and oxidization, hello beautiful! How do you think we did? Feel free to comment, share, and visit our Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/jpscollision


These customers did the smart thing and got this work done well before the next time they’ll be wanting to take it out. Winter is a great time to get your RV or motorhome ready for next spring because, let’s be honest, most people just store their motorhomes during the winter anyway. Why not take advantage of the camping season downtime and get it done while you’re not using it? It’s also a great Christmas idea for those of us who have run out of ideas and want to really impress someone this year! Check out the rest of the photos on our Facebook and give us a call or stop by with any questions about how we might make you as happy as the owners of this Adventurer!

The Vacationer: Part 1!

This RV was quite the fun project, so much so that we decided to break the process down into more than just one post because we took so many pictures of it! (No one enjoys overly-lengthy blog posts!) The previously applied paint had begun to succumb to weathering and oxidization, leaving lightning-like cracks in almost all of the surface paint. The multiple tones and designs along the sides presented our paint technician with an interesting challenge, as well. The paint first had to be sanded down to remove the cracks, ensuring a smooth surface, and then the entire motorhome had to then be covered with a primer.


After initial sanding and primer, it was then sanded down again so that the new coat would adhere to the surfaces. We also wanted to make sure that the new paint being applied wouldn’t peel or bubble and that there was a smooth finished surface. You’ve heard us talk about paying attention to detail before, and on this job especially, we had to take care not to miss anything. Especially on shiny surfaces this large, any pinprick of a blemish will stick out like a sore thumb!


Technique is a huge factor in these first crucial steps because once sanded completely flat, the primer will help expose any spots that might need additional attention in order to get a smooth and flawless surface and end product. Any remaining blemishes after the primer was sanded we were then able to locate and eliminate. The next steps involved going over the entire rig again and again with less and less coarse sandpaper, leaving us with a surface that is perfect and ready for color!


Stay tuned for the end result next week! You won’t believe the difference!


Had an enjoyable recent experience with us? Please feel free to give us a review!

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is next Wednesday and the only thing that shouldn’t be scary is the current state of your car! JP’s Collision Center is the only five-star, family-owned, one-stop shop in the Salt Lake Valley for all of your automotive needs! We offer a variety of services, including (but not limited to):


  • Detailing
  • Oil & brake
  • Mechanical
  • Body and frame repair
  • Automotive paint
  • Custom work
  • Headlamp restoration
  • Glass replacement
  • Tune-up
  • Tire rotation
  • Hassle-free insurance handling
  • Rental options during repairs
  • Free estimates
  • Exceptional service with a smile


  • Just a reminder! The clothing drive is still going on and will continue until mid-December. If you have any items that you’d like to donate, please give us a call or stop by! 801-266-7791, 3675 S. 300 W.


From all of us at JP’s, have a very safe and fun Halloween! We invite you to visit our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/jpscollision and stay tuned for next week’s post, where we did a complete refinish job that turned out amazing! Wait until you see what we did!