One Happy Devil Dog

This is the story of a disgruntled Marine with a Subaru Outback that had previously leaked from every possible place, making her wonder why they don’t make incontinence diapers for cars and contemplate the logistics and repercussions of setting it on fire. She spent more money on refilling depleting fluids, kitty litter for the driveway and therapists, and issued more apologies for her mid-traffic-stalling, power-steering-failing vehicle than ever imaginable.
The power steering fluid leaked like a submarine with a screen door and had to be refilled each morning, or else it would quit when it ran to the last drop, usually when making a hasty turn into traffic. Many an angry gesture from fellow drivers would follow. The coolant also leaked, making puddles at each stop and sending a nasty sweet-smelling perfume (for lack of a better descriptive word) into the interior of her car, making herself and her children want to vomit. The automatic transmission would shift so hard from 2nd to 3rd, that no cup of coffee or juice box survived.
But she loved that car. So, she limped it into JP’s Collision Center, dropped it off, and got a ride home from one of their amazing employees. She was sure that the fix would take several days, if not a week or two… Two business days later, she got a call that her vehicle was done and ready! That’s when the anxiety set in. This would surely cost her an arm and a leg, as well as two of her dog’s legs. To her surprise, the bill was beyond reasonable and honest, and they gave her a military discount!
When she saw her Subaru Outback, it was obvious that attention to detail had been given to the exterior. It was washed, shined, and looking prettier than the 4th of July! Even the tires had been shined! The same attention had been given to the interior and would’ve passed her Senior Drill Instructor’s white glove inspection. No more MIA chicken nuggets and crayons under her seat that her children had stashed away for the Apocalypse. No more greasy prints on the windows. No more of that smell that would make you wish your nose was broken. It was perfection, and for a Marine to say that…
All leaks had been pinpointed and solved. The issues with the transmission turned out to be a simple fix, something most shops might have scammed her into a new transmission altogether on. They even went as far as to fill up her tank with gas! She holds very high standards, and JP’s Collision Center exceeded them all! The “Subie” is back and ready for action! She may have even been caught actually smiling, though no one would have dared to point that out.
By now you might have figured out that the Marine in this story is the same person writing this. It is a true story and I wanted to share it with you because, let’s be honest here, there are not very many shops out there that would have gone to the extent to set the bar for excellence like JP and his crew did for me. There were so many extras done that I hadn’t even thought to ask for, extras that they took the liberty of doing. I will never take my beloved Subaru anywhere else! If they would do this for me, you know that they would do the same for you! So, the next time you are contemplating giving your car a gasoline bath with a combustion treatment, go see JP and his awesome crew first! You won’t regret it!

Summer’s breaking up with you and it’s not you…it’s your car

Spring has sprung, and it is a great time to address those unsightly issues with your vehicle that have been nagging at you all winter long. Sure, the snow hid those blemishes for a while, but now the warmer weather is on the way and nobody wants to be seen riding around on wheels with rust popping through, mirrors hanging on by the grace of duct tape, or oxidized paint and dents galore. While you’re here, we can take care of any general maintenance needs you might have as well and get you ready to hit the open roads again.


Camping, get-togethers, and fishing trips are calling! Make sure your ride looks as good as you do this summer! Come pop in and see what JP and his team can do to help your vehicle look its best this spring and summer. Whether you need a simple buff and shine or a complete makeover, we have got you covered! JP’s Collision Center takes pride in putting smiles on people’s faces and getting you ready for a great summer, so come see us and say hello!

A Nightmare with a Happy Ending

Imagine you wake up in the morning and head out to your vehicle, only to find that your pride and joy has been horribly, horribly vandalized. This was the case for a recent customer of ours. Using a key, the vandal had written obscenities all over the truck, slashed the upholstery and busted the dashboard to pieces. Even the door panels on the inside weren’t safe from damage. They had absolutely destroyed the vehicle overnight.


We took this project on and completely restored the vehicle’s condition to better than new. The gouged body and paint were restored carefully by our experts and full attention to detail was given to the entire vehicle, including the upholstered seats and interior panels that had been so badly damaged. This customer’s story ended up being an amazing way to showcase our capabilities, as we handled each and every obstacle within our own shop. We did not sublet out anything, showing you that we really can do it all!


When the damage is done, and you are left feeling humiliated and violated by the destruction, lean on us! We can help ease the stress that these kinds of terrible experiences bring about by taking care of the A-to-Z for you. All you have to do is call, and we can arrange to tow, handle the insurance companies, and everything else so that you don’t have to. Take your stress to the golf course, slopes, trails… anywhere else, and let us roll up our sleeves and do what we do best.


We know that experiences like these can be extremely stressful and awful. At JP’s, we believe in catering to our customers and ensuring that you leave happier than you were when you came in. We absolutely pride ourselves on it! So, when life gives you lemons…come see us! We make a mean lemonade!





Holding Higher Standards

We recently had a customer bring their vehicle into our shop in a state of desperation after their insurance company told them they had to take it to one of their “preferred” shops. So, trusting in the advice of their insurance company, they took it to a dealership that was on the “preferred” list, and there they had an incredibly terrible experience. The vehicle was returned to them with (and I kid you not) double-sided tape, hot glue, and random screws holding it together! None of the body lines matched up. The front bumper was literally hot glued on. It was a mess. The customer tried three times to get the dealership to right the wrong and on the third try, the dealership told the customer that there was “nothing they could do” for them anymore. Unbelievable, right?

This is where JP and his team flew in with their flapping capes of glory and saved the day! During disassembly of the vehicle, our team discovered just how bad this situation actually was. We were just as shocked as the customer to find such an outright mess hidden under the panels, hood, and bumpers. Our standards are much higher than this, and yours should be too.

Insurance companies may lead you to believe that you have to take your vehicle where they tell you to, but this is deceptive and it is, in fact, illegal. You have the right to take your vehicle anywhere you like, so skip the duct tape, glue and cut corners! Come see us and get it done right the first time!