Fleet and Government Contracts

You’re probably aware by now that JP’s Collision Center doesn’t just paint and restore cars, but did you know that we also accommodate fleet, government, and military vehicles and support equipment? We recently had an order to refinish five separate military support equipment trailers, ranging from mobile generators to a crane! The task was much different than simply sanding down a flat surface. There were cylindrical and oddly-shaped pieces galore and a degreaser had to be applied in order to ensure that the paint would adhere to the surfaces and not flake, bubble, or peel off. We do things the right way!


Regardless of the technicalities, the same attention to detail was given to each and every piece, sending them back to our military looking great and ready for action! This particular job even required a special mil-spec paint, which was ordered and applied after the prep work was completed. JP’s Collision Center takes pride in supporting our military and in keeping their equipment in great condition. This just goes to endorse even further that we truly can handle anything that comes through our doors. Have a challenging piece of equipment or an unusual request? Give us a try! You won’t be disappointed!

Calling all Anglers!

Do you remember when we said that JP’s Collision Center can, quite literally, do it all? We meant it too. My fiancé and I are fly fishermen, and we try to hit the rivers as much as possible in our Hyde drift boat. Sometimes we bring the kids, sometimes we leave them with Grandpa and Grandma and get a little more serious fishing time in, but there are always great memories and fun times to be had by all. Just imagine you’re floating down the river, birds in the trees on the banks, fish jumping here and there, everyone on the boat is hooking fish, and there’s even a double rainbow…all the way across! Pelicans are diving for fish alongside you and the breeze smells of sweet vacation. Sounds amazing, right?


Well, if you happen to be the designated rower of said boat and the oars that you are using to navigate the river are leaving fiberglass shrapnel in the palms of your hands, and quite literally anything else they touch, it can quickly take your focus off of the vacation and on to attempting to pull splinters out of your hands (or other parts). JP’s Collision Center set our little family up much more comfortably for many more river trips to come by sanding down the shafts of the oars and giving them extra coats of clear coat to seal in and protect the existing fiberglass of the oars from the sun and further oxidization. Not only did it work perfectly to preserve the oars, but the best part is that there are no more worries about getting fiberglass stuck in random body parts that just happen to graze their surfaces any longer. We don’t even have to wear oven mitts to row them anymore! Yay! (That last part was a joke, but it really was almost THAT bad.)


JP’s really is the one-stop shop for anything that needs bodywork and paint, and it doesn’t just stop with roads. Headed to the river this fall or next spring? Come down and see what JP’s can do to make sure your drift boat is the envy of the river! We can do just about anything that you can row, sail, float, drive, and…well, you get the idea! Remember, it’s always better to get your toys ready now, before the occasion calls. It’s called being proactive, people! The rivers will rise, the hatches will happen, and the fish will bite. Are you ready?

Clothing Drive!

Hello, community people! This week, JP’s would like to announce that we are doing a clothing drive for the Salt Lake Valley Veterans in need, many of whom are homeless. We will be collecting items clear up until the Holiday season, so if you have any of the following much-needed items that you’d like to donate, please bring them down to the shop at 3675 S 300 W, or arrange to have one of us pick them up for you.


Items requested:










Socks (new)

Underwear (new)


Sleeping bags

Personal hygiene products

Anything else that you can think of!


We are going to have some boxes soon inside the main office where you can drop your items. Please let us know if you have any further ideas or questions regarding the clothing drive. Thank you to all in advance for helping us keep our Veterans warm and safe this winter!

Ready to Roll?

Summer is over, the kids are back in school, and some of the leaves up the canyons are even changing color. This means that winter is making her way to the Salt Lake Valley. Are you prepared?


JP’s Collision Center offers a variety of services to help get you ready for travel in the colder winter months. Headlamp restoration is an often overlooked but very necessary item to check off your list before the flurries begin to cloud our vision while driving, especially at night. Headlamp restoration drastically increases visibility and light projection at night and during poor weather conditions, keeping you and those you love safe during the inclement months. Headed to the resorts this winter? Make sure you drop in and get your headlamps back in shape before the snow starts falling. No one ever thinks to get something like this done until the situation presents itself, but let’s be proactive this go around, shall we?


Another item to check is your tire tread. If you are like some people, you assume that as long as your tires aren’t completely bald, they’ll grip the road, even when things get slushy. Not true. Think about how snow might pack into what tread you have left, essentially rendering your tires ineffective. JP recommends looking into a set of new tires to get you ready, if not a simple tire rotation to keep the tread wear even. It may even be something as simple as checking for proper inflation. Remember that as it gets colder, the air inside your tires will contract, which could leave you rolling around with insufficient PSI, leading to minimized traction and uneven wear on the tread. No Bueno, my friends!


As JP’s daughter, and from a very young age, he instilled in me the knowledge that allows me to keep my vehicle running at peak performance. In fact, I knew how to change a tire before I was even old enough to drive a car. The point is to check your tires now. Don’t wait until you have a flat, slide off the road because your tires aren’t capable of handling what you’ve thrown their way, or the upcoming inevitable blizzards. We can even get you set with an alignment to make sure your vehicle will turn when and where you want it to, with no surprises, and ensure proper wear of the tread, making them last much longer and saving you cash in the end.


Winter is coming. Don’t be left unprepared and wishing you’d have checked everything thoroughly before the need comes along. Come down or call us and let’s give you peace of mind so that you can enjoy the winter months safely!