Ho, Ho….NO!

Is your vehicle in need of a minor fix in order to look great for all of the inevitable holiday travel that is going to be happening over the next few weeks? Let’s face it, no one wants to roll up to their in-law’s or friend’s house this holiday season with a dirty car with duct tape being the only thing keeping it intact. (A particular Adam Sandler song comes to mind, doesn’t it?) We get it! Stuff happens! We’re a busy species! First, the frost on your car thaws, then every speck of dirt along with every leaf in the universe gets stuck to it. Been there! I don’t have a garage to park in either, but I sure as heck am not going to be rolling around to business meetings and holiday parties with it like that!

Then the salt trucks come back into commission, coating your vehicle and making it prone to rust, not to mention adding to the overall unsatisfactory look of your car. Driving around like this usually results in strangers drawing colorful and creative modern petroglyphs on your windows as well, am I right? Then later at the grocery store, you park your car alone on the far end of the parking lot to avoid anyone parking anywhere near you, and lo and behold! You come back out to find a solitary shopping cart has been parked/smashed into the side of your door.


But maybe, just maybe you’ve decided it’s time for the duct tape holding your mirror on, along with the “seven different colors”, the dirt, and the dents to go? We are there for you! JP’s to the rescue! (Que the superhero soundtrack.) The thing is, you have a choice. We make conscious decisions every day, and today might just be the day you make the conscious decision to fix that nagging door handle or that mirror that’s hanging on for dear life.


Treat someone you love to a unique and thoughtful gift this Christmas season; fix their car! Have no friends, avoiding the in-laws, or is your significant other actually a car? It’s ok to give your car a great Christmas present too! Better yet, treat yourself! JP’s offers a wide variety of services and we can help you find the perfect fit for your holiday budget! Come drop in, say ‘hello’, and let us show you the possibilities!

The Vacationer: Part 2

We had a blast with this project and we think it shows in the finished product! What do you think? We tried to document the process as much as possible to show you the amount of work that goes into a project this large and let our photos do most of the talking. It was no small feat, but we did it, and we think it turned out beautifully! Gone are the cracks in the paint. Goodbye weathering and oxidization, hello beautiful! How do you think we did? Feel free to comment, share, and visit our Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/jpscollision


These customers did the smart thing and got this work done well before the next time they’ll be wanting to take it out. Winter is a great time to get your RV or motorhome ready for next spring because, let’s be honest, most people just store their motorhomes during the winter anyway. Why not take advantage of the camping season downtime and get it done while you’re not using it? It’s also a great Christmas idea for those of us who have run out of ideas and want to really impress someone this year! Check out the rest of the photos on our Facebook and give us a call or stop by with any questions about how we might make you as happy as the owners of this Adventurer!