Reviews Make the Business World Go ‘Round!

Say you’re looking for a service or a business, what’s the first thing you do? You’ll do your homework before popping into a business and you’ll check their reviews, am I right? Reviews are the easiest way that we can check the level of integrity and the service of any place of business and make informed decisions from there about where we will take our business.

As a business owner, these are invaluable. Not only does this give us ideas of how to improve, but also makes our day with hearing about what we are doing right… because we aim to please and we actually care what our customers think! We like to deliver the high-quality level of service that you deserve and have come to expect from us!

The only businesses that won’t talk about reviews are the ones that don’t want you to see theirs. At JP’s, we encourage you to check out ours! We have nothing to hide and we love getting feedback from our customers! Have we done work for you before and you just didn’t have the time nor inclination to give us yours? Well, we’ve made it easy for you. Just click one of the links and let us know what you think! (Please and thank you for your business!)

Insurance Claims- Knowledge is Power!

Imagine you’re driving down the road when, suddenly, and in a matter of seconds, your Monday has gone from just okay to not alright at all. Another driver has run a red light and slammed broadside into your vehicle, and with that comes a hell that no one can see coming. The kids are crying in the backseat and the airbag that just moments ago punched you in the face is still deflating. You slap it out of your space bubble and look back to see that your upset children still have all of their limbs. There’s steam erupting from under the hood and a rainbow of fluids are busy painting the asphalt.

Given the fact that your world has become suddenly very complicated, dealing with the insurance companies doesn’t have to be an added factor. JP’s Collision Center will take the hassle out of the repair of your vehicle, from the moment we tow it into the shop, to the moment you pick it up, good as new. We will work closely with your insurance agents and get you exactly what you want, nothing less. We also represent YOU, our customer, and our best interest is YOURS.

At JP’s we believe in arming our customers with the power of knowledge. You have rights, especially when insurance companies are involved! See our “Customer Bill of Rights” and empower yourself to make the right choices during times when insurance companies will act like your best friend… and then steer you where THEIR best interests are met. (You’re so very welcome!)

Have insurance claim-related questions? Give us a call and let us lift the weight from your shoulders!

No Matter How Long the Winter, Spring is Sure to Follow!

Yes, Mother Nature has what looks like one last winter tantrum left in the forecast, but spring will be on its way soon! Let’s face it. Spring and summer are the seasons where we are actually expected to wash the last 5 months of salt and grime off our vehicles in order to look great on our way to our next adventure. This also means that the dents, rust, and damage can no longer hide, and THAT means we finally feel compelled to do something about the appearance of our vehicles. No worries! We can help!

Let us help you get your cars, trucks, RVs, SUVs, motorcycles, (and everything else in between) ready for the warmer weather, not to mention the camping and fishing trips surely to come. There’s something about the first blossoms, the smell of grass growing, the longer days, and the feeling that comes with the anticipation of what the sun feels like on your skin after months of cold and darkness. If that doesn’t get you excited for the changing of the seasons, maybe these photos will help.

Come pop in and visit us! Let us show you how we can get all of your vehicles and toys ready for fun!

The Diverse Capabilities of Our Business!

Ever wonder what we can do at JP’s Collision Center? The answer is… pretty much anything! If you can drive it, push it, tow it, or otherwise move it, we can repair and/or refinish it! The possibilities are endless and we pride ourselves on being one of the only shops in town that can handle whatever is brought into the shop. This is just a small sample of what we do, but more pictures to come! Let us show you our diverse capabilities. Stay tuned for added updates to this album and blog!

Update on the American Revolution!

First off, let us start by saying, “Happy Valentine’s Day!” We hope you are enjoying this day of giving and receiving love! If you’re still running around looking for a last-minute Valentine’s gift idea, come pop in and see us! We may be able to help!

Getting back to the ginormous project that is the American Revolution RV… A project this large is like a giant puzzle, one where there is a specific way that the pieces go together and in a specific order. Each part of the overall repair of this RV is equally as important as the next, but to begin, we need to start with the structure and security of the framework as well as the larger pieces that go together.

Currently, as you can see from the photos, we are getting the slide out ready to put back on. Slight bodywork has begun and the framework for the slide out is being fixed or replaced and then put back into place. We take our time to ensure attention to details so that we can deliver an excellent end-product. This isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon! Take a look at our progress and stay tuned for bi-weekly updates of this fascinating process!

Happy Valentines Day!

Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays that we either ‘love-love’ or we think is ridiculous and a complete waste of money, am I right? Chances are if you identify with the latter, you’re just plain tired of giving and receiving expensive flowers that die after 2 days and chocolates that are gone after 1 week, max. Might as well take that little stack of money you have worked so hard for and set it on fire. You know that you can do better! Why not consider giving a gift that’s thoughtful and won’t just last 48 hours at best?

Did you know that JP’s Collision Center has an ‘a la carte menu’ of sorts, allowing you to find the perfect gift idea for that special someone in your life, something unique and that shows you actually put some thought into gifting and didn’t just wing it with some gas station roses on the way home from work on February 14th? Not judging, really, we’ve all done it. Point is, you don’t have to!

Here are some of the services we offer that are great ideas for a Valentine’s Day gift, and ones they’ll definitely appreciate (and it’ll be so unexpected!)

Car Detail-

Seriously the best detailing in the valley! You know what your Valentine would really love? For their car not to smell like the stale french fries and chicken nuggets that were stuffed under the seat 6 months ago. If you have children, then you know that cleaning your car can be very similar to opening up a pandora’s box of amateur science projects and mystery surprises. Their car will be the cleanest that they have seen it since it was driven off the lot and they will be reminded of what the original color of their floor mats and the exterior of their car are. Extra bonus gift! You’re so very welcome!

Headlamp Restoration and Bulb Replacement-

Are they driving a car around that’s winking at other people due to a burnt-out bulb? Maybe the lenses have become foggy over time and no longer as luminous as their radiant smile? (Additional points on this one because their driving is probably scary enough, without added safety factors like headlights not working properly.) Let’s make sure your Valentine is both visible to other drivers, and that they can see!

Full or Partial Paint and Body-

You know about it because they bring it up every time they get in or out of the car, that one door with the paint color that they swear is off and doesn’t match the rest of the car. Maybe they’d enjoy having that bumper replaced- from that one time where they backed into a snow bank that was actually a retaining wall? Maybe get that dent fixed from that rogue shopping cart incident, finally?

Whatever the situation, we’ve got you, especially when struggling with gift ideas! Have questions? Have ideas, but need some guidance? Let our group of experienced experts help you put together the perfect gift for your Valentine this Year, and then sit back and watch them gush over how thoughtful your gift was! (If you’re still nervous about it after, you can still grab that rose from the gas station on your way home too and put it on the dash.)

From everyone at JP’s, have a wonderful Valentine’s Day, hug the ones you love, and stay safe out there!

Revolution: Part II

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!

Any large project in life takes time, patience and attention to detail. You can’t rush, and you have to take it one step at a time, like a giant puzzle. The Revolution’s repair is in full swing, and we are doing our best to document the fascinating process.

Right now, we are in more of the tear-apart phase of the project. Currently, the slide out is off, and our guys are working on fixing the damage. Lots of sanding, replacing and straightening going on over here! Stay tuned as we add new photos and notes bi-weekly until completion on this particular project!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so we will just let ours do most of the talking. What do you think?

Why Did the Deer Cross the Road?

Why Did the Deer Cross the Road?

Living or visiting in Utah definitely comes with its perks. There’s the “best snow on Earth” and within less than a few hours, and in all directions, can be found lakes, deserts, and huge mountains, along with National and State Parks galore! Yes, Utahns are truly blessed by the amazing nature of our location. It is every savvy outdoorsman’s and outdoorswoman’s dream! Yet, with the abundant nature, come the equally abundant critters that live here.

If you have ever driven up one of our many canyons, you are sure to have come across wildlife, and sometimes that wildlife gets froggy. This Mazda was the victim of a deer jumping into traffic, leaving the driver with very little time to react. We are happy to announce that the passengers were not harmed in the production of this blog. The deer? Unfortunately, we cannot say the same for Bambi. When life throws you a deer, come and see us! We will take the stress out of the situation and let you get on with life, making it so that the repair of your damaged vehicle is the last thing that you need to worry about! Stay safe out there!

It’s a Revolution!

(Everybody calm down, it’s not that kind of revolution.)

If you’ve ever been in a large motorhome, then you know what it feels like when the driver takes a corner a little too swiftly. It’s that same uncomfortable feeling we get when a plane suddenly drops hundreds of feet in altitude due to turbulence or when we are teaching our teenager how to drive for the first time. Our rear ends tighten and we grab the “oh crap handle” like our lives depend upon it. Cups are falling from cupboards, the kids are screaming, the dog is looking at you like you’ve lost your mind and in short, it isn’t a good feeling.

This Revolution had the unfortunate accident of being driven around a tight turn too quickly, sending it onto its drivers’ side. Every motorhome owner’s worst nightmare, right? Luckily, no one was injured in this event and the owner knew exactly where to take it to be fixed. The extensive damage will require quite the overhaul and we are diving into the task! The first step was getting it into the shop, which, even though we boasted about having large enough bays to accomodate any project, required that we actually tear down a wall to allow for the length of this beast. (Who says we don’t go the extra mile?)

The driver’s side received the majority of the damage, along with the front and tail ends. The interior had to be gutted due to the damage caused to the slide out and the entire drivers seat area had to be pulled out and gutted as well. Before this ginormous rig even makes it to body and paint we first have to fix the slide out and the front and tail ends, which sounds a lot easier than it will be in reality. If you look at the collage pictures, you will see the wiring harnesses hanging everywhere and the extent of what we are up against. But we love a good challenge, and boy did we get what we wanted!

Stay tuned as we cover the entire process, from start to finish over the next consecutive weeks. Watch as we turn this wreck back into a chariot fit for a king and queen! Have an interesting project for us? Reach out or stop by and let us show you what we can do for you!

We’ll Come “Thru” For You!

I’m sure it’s happened to us all. We are in a rush so we hit up the nearest fast food joint drive-thru, thinking this is going to save time and, lo and behold, we are stuck there in line for 15-20 minutes because the guy in the van with 45 kids who’s in front of us has apparently ordered 10 of everything on the menu. Then you finally get your order and drive off quickly, looking to make up for even more lost time but by the time you actually check your bag you’re 5 miles away with no time to spare to turn back. Instead of getting what you ordered, you discover you have ended up with something that you weren’t even aware was on the menu. To top it off, there’s no straw, no ketchup, no napkins and the food’s cold. Pretty sure this is what begins every road rage incident.

Bottom line is that no one enjoys wasting their time and money, getting something other than what they asked for, or sloppy, rushed and inadequate service. JP’s Collision Center strives for excellence with each and every job that comes in. We won’t give you something you didn’t ask for and we never cut corners. Our completion dates are taken seriously and we do our best to meet each deadline on time, delivering an end-product that’s above your expectations. If a situation arises that requires more time, you will be informed ASAP. We will educate you on how the insurance process works, should you need it, and walk you through the entire process as we go. No surprises. No gimmicks. No games. Just straightforward and honest service.

We like the fact that we are unique and unlike any other auto body shop you will ever visit, especially the “big box” companies who couldn’t care less about you as an individual and only see dollar signs. That’s just not what we’re about. We enjoy getting to know our customers throughout the process and making you feel like a part of the family! We don’t want anyone to feel nervous about walking into our facility, though we get it. Too many companies out there will try to upsale you on something you didn’t really need or talk you into more than you want to spend. Some places won’t even make you aware of your options, using only the most expensive parts, instead of educating you about your options and letting you decide. Come visit us and leave your worries at our doormat! You can expect honest service at JP’s because integrity is the cornerstone of our business…and we won’t skimp on the metaphorical ketchup!

We wanted to share with everyone that we are also currently in the process of remodeling sections of the building to accommodate even larger projects! Remember our previous chat about the evolution of businesses? Change was needed, and we (quite literally) knocked down a few walls to make room for our largest challenge yet, which is currently in-process and we can’t wait to show you the results! Stay safe out there and stay tuned!