Did You Know?

The internet is a double-edged sword of information. You can literally find information on anything and everything, ranging from how to build a rocket to the access to endless funny cat videos. Have a weird rash? There’re definitely a few websites out there that’ll more than cover that. Just be careful though because I once looked up my ailments and was self-diagnosed and convinced thirty minutes later that I was definitely dying of an enlarged brain tumor and had three days to live. It can be the greatest tool ever, or your imagination’s worst enemy.

Need a great place to bring your car for automotive paint and repairs? Getting ready for a season of road trips and want to make sure your family will travel in safety, the stop to visit the World’s Largest Ball of Yarn being your only painful setback? Google no further! Jp’s Collision Center can comb over your vehicle making sure everything under the hood is working properly as well as looking great on the outside.

In addition to his extensive knowledge, the owner, JP Flynn is a proud 10-year member of a local BNI Wealth Masters chapter. BNI focuses on a system of networking and referrals between various other business owners and this means that if you need a service that we don’t provide, we have someone that we know and trust to refer you to. Healthy working relationships with these businesses also means that in many cases, we can arrange for the extra services/repairs to be completed while your vehicle is already in our shop, getting whatever else you might need done.

For example, say you need a piece of glass replaced on your vehicle. We proudly and highly recommend Corey Lambert and his experienced team at Auto Glass Specialists. They can come to you and create an easy and hassle-free experience! In many cases, with the right insurance, it may not cost you a thing! How great is that? As a personal example and testament to the BNI system, I recently needed to have my power steering on the Subie fixed, as well as getting my emissions testing done and registration renewed. The BNI referral and networking system made it easy to find Aposhian Garage, a tried and trusted professional outside of JP’s to take my business to. The experience and service were amazing!

In the event that you need something that JP’s doesn’t routinely offer, we know someone who does! Come in and let us show you what we and our network can do to make your life easier and your ride through life smoother!

JP’s Collision Center’s 2nd Annual Car Show!

In light of the lessons we learned from last year’s car show, we are attempting to get moving on this year’s show much earlier in advance. Date is still TBD, though we are accepting feedback from last year’s attendees regarding whether September might be a better month in which to host this event, weather permitting of course. (August was a little too warm last year.)

For this year’s car show, JP has chosen the Humane Society of Utah as the charitable contribution recipients! For more information regarding this organization, go to https://www.utahhumane.org. On their page you can see what each dollar amount donated can do to help our furry friends. The best part about the Humane Society of Utah, is that they are official members of the No-Kill Utah Coalition and they focus on the successful adoptions of each animal that comes into their care.

Anyone who knows JP personally knows that he has a deep affection for animals, more specifically dogs. JP has been blessed with several furry companions during his lifetime, many of which came directly from the Humane Society. This year, let’s come together to help those that make our lives each day just a little lighter and brighter. A dog never judges us when we wear our slippers out the front door. They couldn’t care less about our physical appearance, all they seek is our love. Let’s show them we are there for them in return!

Reviews Make the Business World Go ‘Round!

Say you’re looking for a service or a business, what’s the first thing you do? You’ll do your homework before popping into a business and you’ll check their reviews, am I right? Reviews are the easiest way that we can check the level of integrity and the service of any place of business and make informed decisions from there about where we will take our business.

As a business owner, these are invaluable. Not only does this give us ideas of how to improve, but also makes our day with hearing about what we are doing right… because we aim to please and we actually care what our customers think! We like to deliver the high-quality level of service that you deserve and have come to expect from us!

The only businesses that won’t talk about reviews are the ones that don’t want you to see theirs. At JP’s, we encourage you to check out ours! We have nothing to hide and we love getting feedback from our customers! Have we done work for you before and you just didn’t have the time nor inclination to give us yours? Well, we’ve made it easy for you. Just click one of the links and let us know what you think! (Please and thank you for your business!)



Insurance Claims- Knowledge is Power!

Imagine you’re driving down the road when, suddenly, and in a matter of seconds, your Monday has gone from just okay to not alright at all. Another driver has run a red light and slammed broadside into your vehicle, and with that comes a hell that no one can see coming. The kids are crying in the backseat and the airbag that just moments ago punched you in the face is still deflating. You slap it out of your space bubble and look back to see that your upset children still have all of their limbs. There’s steam erupting from under the hood and a rainbow of fluids are busy painting the asphalt.

Given the fact that your world has become suddenly very complicated, dealing with the insurance companies doesn’t have to be an added factor. JP’s Collision Center will take the hassle out of the repair of your vehicle, from the moment we tow it into the shop, to the moment you pick it up, good as new. We will work closely with your insurance agents and get you exactly what you want, nothing less. We also represent YOU, our customer, and our best interest is YOURS.

At JP’s we believe in arming our customers with the power of knowledge. You have rights, especially when insurance companies are involved! See our “Customer Bill of Rights” and empower yourself to make the right choices during times when insurance companies will act like your best friend… and then steer you where THEIR best interests are met. (You’re so very welcome!)

Have insurance claim-related questions? Give us a call and let us lift the weight from your shoulders!