Happy Easter!

JP’s Collision Center wants to wish you an egg-stra special Easter! This is one of my favorite holidays. I love everything about it! The green grass and the smell of it freshly-cut, the signs that Spring is finally here, the warmer temperatures, planning for summer trips, baby animals, the flowers and trees are budding… It seems everything comes to life around this time!

And let us not forget the Cadbury eggs and the occasional Peep in the microwave just for fun! For those that are religious, this holiday may attach a much deeper meaning than just a giant and thoughtful rabbit that brings candy and goodies to the kiddos, but I think we can all agree that Easter is awesome!

How do you celebrate this holiday? Egg hunts? Maybe you get together with loved ones and simply enjoy each other’s company? However you celebrate, we want to wish you the best version of Easter that suits you and your style!

Stay tuned for much anticipated updates on the Revolution RV, which is now at a stage where the changes are much more visible as well as our upcoming Car Show!

April Showers Bring May Flowers!

The rainy season is upon us, and for Utahns, that can mean scattered snow, hail and sleet showers… as well as any combination of in-between. While the precipitation means many positive things for our rivers, lakes, water supply and vegetation, it can mean danger for motorists. Standing water can lead to hydroplaning, excessive rain means inevitable collisions due to loss of traction and visibility, and how many people actually turn their running lights on in inclement weather anyway? The whole thing gives me anxiety!

There are ways to arm yourselves, so to speak, during the wet season. Ever heard of Aquapelä? Anyone who has ever been in a car knows that it is a definite requirement to be able to see out of your windshield in order to drive safely. Aquapelä is an applicant that actually repels water. It doesn’t stand a chance, doesn’t stay and runs right off your windshield! I had it applied to my vehicle and didn’t even need my windshield wipers during the last storm! It’s amazing, and I highly encourage you to search for the videos pertaining to this treatment on the web. (I would add a link, but we don’t like to use content without permission.)

Another issue during this season are headlamps and running lights. Ever been driving around at dawn or dusk and you notice that one vehicle that doesn’t have their lights on or the lights that are on are barely visible? Scary! Not only are their issues with the driver being able to see, but (and this one often gets overlooked) no one else can see you! Now, add the occasional rainstorm or microburst that are so common in the Salt Lake Valley, and we have the recipe for inevitable disaster! We do a lot of things at JP’s, but we also do the little stuff like bulb and lamp replacements, as well as headlamp restoration, which returns the surface of your lamps to like new conditions, helping you keep yourselves and other safe while venturing forth on the road.

Lastly, take a look at the tread on your tires. If they resemble something that might be used instead for a flotation device, it might be time to consider a new set of kicks for your vehicle! They can’t grip the road if they’re bald, and we can help!

We love our customers and we want them safe, so stop in and chat with us about what we can do to make your driving adventures less cringe-worthy! Save the white-knuckling for the rollercoasters and fun stuff!

JP’s Collision Center has selected a date for this year’s Car Show, benefitting the Utah Humane Society! It will be held on Sunday, August 25th from 10 AM and go until we have had enough (around 3 PM-ish)! In light of lessons learned from last year, we are getting a move-on much earlier in advance. A few things we are currently looking for in order to make this year’s event an even greater success:

  1. If you know of, or can recommend any excellent food trucks to cater the event, please tag them in the comments below so we can give the people what they want!
  • If you have any specific requests for what you would like to see at this year’s show, please let us know!

This year’s event is still very much in the early stages of planning, so we would love to hear your feedback and requests! What did you love/ not love so much about last year’s event? Let us know, we really do want to hear from you!

We are considering hosting a Facebook live event in the next month to cover details, get feedback, and take requests and suggestions. Updates on this to come!

Flyers are in the making and the event will be listed soon on Car Czar’s official website.  I am currently running around, gathering donations and getting things pulled together. This year’s beneficiary is the Utah Humane Society and I will personally be working closely with them to make sure that this year’s event is representative of who they are and what they stand for.

Updates to come, but feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below so that we can consider each and do our best to address them! Stay tuned! Flyers will be available soon! Thanks for all of your support! We are great because you are!