The Humane Society of Utah

As most of you know, JP’s Collision Center does a fundraising car show event each year, and each year they choose a different recipient for the funds that are raised at the event. For those of you out there that know or have met the owners JP and Scott, you know that they have serious soft spots for animals. JP himself has had the pleasure of adopting a few dogs from this shelter into his family over the years and so, naturally, they have chosen the Humane Society of Utah as the honorary recipient for this year’s show!

I personally went to visit the shelter with my 6-year-old daughter (for perspective) today and was overwhelmed by the friendliness, cleanliness, and sheer size of this facility. There are people there each day that have dedicated their lives and time to bettering the lives of our four-legged friends, and they deserve our support and thanks! They have a reception and adoption center, as well as a veterinary services clinic (which offers everything that other veterinary clinics do but at a fraction of the cost of the other facilities). To learn more, please visit

So, mark your calendars for Sunday, August 25th! We are excited to have the opportunity to work closely with the Humane Society of Utah this year and make this year’s car show a success and paws-itively purr-fect!

Want to help? We are currently looking for connections to food trucks, vendors, and volunteers to help make this year’s event a true success and raise money to help the Utah Humane Society’s amazing volunteers and staff change the lives of those fur babies that deserve a second chance. More updates on this as they come! Stay tuned and start getting your rat-rods and classics ready to show off!

Memorial Day

We set aside one day out of the year to pay our respects to those that have given their lives for the freedoms we enjoy every day. The people disperse for the weekend to enjoy barbecues, visit with friends and loved ones, and decorate headstones.

There are tears shed and there is also laughter and joy, remembering those that didn’t make it back home. There are trips to the lake and games of horseshoes are played, pies are devoured and hamburger fixings sell out of stock in stores.

This is exactly what these brave men and women fought and died for. Do not take it lightly, nor in vain. Enjoy yourselves this weekend, but reserve a few moments in silence to thank those that paid the ultimate price on our behalf.

If you need a good reminder, check out these links:

From everyone at JP’s, we wish you a safe, happy, and thankful Memorial Day weekend!

Fuzzy Love Photography

We wanted to take the time to thank and highlight Fuzzy Love Photography for taking these wonderful photos for this year’s Car Show flyers! Dawn did an amazing job and we are so grateful to her for her amazing work!

There’s just one problem… we can’t decide which one we like best! Help us out by reacting to which photo you like best! Please and thank you!

Blast from the Past!

Remember last week’s post about the ’70 Chevelle? Well, we wanted to follow up this week with more photos of the process! It was a lengthy project that required countless hours and attention to every detail in order to make this dream a reality for our customer! Enjoy!

Do you have a dream waiting for the right people to help you bring it back to life? Come visit us and let’s explore the possibilities!

’70 Chevrolet Chevelle

Where were you in the year 1970? Well, I was but a twinkle in my daddy’s eyes, but for those of you lucky enough to have witnessed streets filled with the era of American muscle cars, I envy you! There is literally nothing sexier in my opinion than a Chevelle.

My mother owned a ’70 Chevelle when I was a kid, and I have to say that my appreciation for these beasts hadn’t yet blossomed, mostly due to my mother’s lead foot and her propensity to drive it like one of the Dukes… usually resulting in projectile vomit on the floormats. No, I was not a fan at the ripe young age of 6. Now? My heart races whenever I see one.

Maybe it’s the sleek body lines and the shape. Maybe it’s the power nestled under the hood. Maybe it’s the little bit of Duke in all of us… Whatever it is, you will never hear someone call them ugly. And if they do, they have zero taste. Zero!

We had the pleasure of being able to bring this beautiful work of art and a piece of history back to its glory days! Stay tuned for more photos and video of the restoration process next week!

*Reminder: The Annual Car Show is coming up in August and we already have Sponsors stepping up to the plate! If you would like to be involved, reach out to us and let us collaborate to make this year’s show amazing!

Thank you all and stay tuned for next week’s post! You’re not going to want to miss it!