More Convenient Isn’t Always Better

Technology and Ecommerce afford us many luxuries. Truly, in this day and age, we have everything we could ever want or need at the touch of a button. No plans to leave the couch today? You can order food from your phone and have someone deliver it to you. Hate the grocery store lines and inevitable ensuing scavenger hunts? No problem. You can go online and tell someone what to put in your bag and then pick it up curbside. You can make reservations, schedule appointments, shop…the list goes on.

When it comes to parts for your vehicle though, ordering them online is not always the way to go! We recently had a customer come in who had pre-ordered their bumper online and had it delivered to our shop to be installed on their vehicle. Sounds great, right? Not so much… The manufacturers decided it would be a great idea to fold the bumper up like a taco in order to save a few bucks on shipping!

Meet… the Taco Bumper! No, ladies and gentlemen, this is not the latest craze in vehicular body styles, nor is it a futuristic version of the original with a built-in flux capacitor. It’s called not everyone cares about you, your hard-earned money, or your time. But we do! Skip the online orders and let us take care of it for you! We have established trusted working relationships with parts suppliers all over the valley, both factory, and aftermarket. So, believe us when we say there’s no need to take a chance on online orders! See for yourself the difference (and try not to laugh.)

All Projects, Great and Small!

Sometimes we have projects that are going to take some time, while others are just quick fixes. We don’t discriminate! No matter the project size, come and see us so we can show you the possibilities! Remember the Revolution? We have the slide on! Yes, it took some time, but we believe slow and steady wins the race in cases like this. So much goes into a project of this size and we aren’t rushing through it, nor are we cutting any corners!

Have you noticed we have had a lot of RVs and trailers as of late? That’s because we aren’t afraid of the challenge! (We even knocked out a wall to accommodate the Revolution’s size, so this means we’ll pretty much stop at nothing for our customers!) Go ahead and use Google to find out how many shops are in the valley that are up to tasks this size. We’ll wait. When you’re sick of clicking, you know where to go!

We have multiple restoration projects going on as well. The past deserves our respect, and we don’t believe classics from the past should be left to rot and become shadows. Have a classic project sitting in the garage, waiting for the day when you ‘have the time’? News flash. That day may never come, as busy as our lives get. Why not bring her down and trust her in our care? Let us get her back on the road and turn back the clocks to the year she was first made!

Also, as a reminder, the 2nd Annual JP’s Collision Center’s Car Show is coming up on August 25th! If you want to get involved or are planning on coming, let us know! (See event under ‘Events’.)

See you next week for more updates and things happening at JP’s!

It Doesn’t Have to Be ‘All or Nothing’!

It’s happened to us all. We buy something and then years down the road, the manufacturers discontinue production and replacement parts and accessories become nearly, if not completely, impossible to find. Take this Tradewinds LTC for example. The trailer hitched to it popped off and rammed the rear grill. The only issue, besides a ruined family trip, was that the replacement parts can no longer be ordered. They stopped making them. So, what do we do? Cry? Eat a tub of ice cream? Start looking up all of our exes on Facebook to see how overweight/hideous they’ve gotten? Watch The Notebook until our eyes turn red? No! We adapt and overcome! If there isn’t a way…we make one! This rear grill was completely refabricated from scratch! Let us know what you think!

Other things happening at JP’s include slight touch-ups on a Riverstone Legacy 5th wheel trailer, Fleetwood Storm motorhome, and Peterbilt Semi. Not everything has to be fully redone and we realize this! Does your motorhome, trailer, or vehicle need a little TLC, but not a full makeover? Come see us!

Reminder: the 2nd annual JP’s Collision Center’s Charity Car Show is coming up on Sunday, August 25th, so mark your calendars. This is an event that JP has done for many years, but had to take a break from hosting for a minute for personal reasons. Last year, he revived it and we are excited to make this year, and every year following an even greater success. JP chooses a charity of his choice each year, and as many of you already know, this year’s recipient will be the Utah Humane Society! I mean, who doesn’t love fuzzy things that never judge us or complain? Flyers will be distributed throughout the valley and the event posted on Car Czar soon, so pull the covers off your prized possession and get her ready to show off! See you there!

Special side note: Bored? Kids need out of the house? (I mean, we are only 2 weeks into summer, but if you’re like me…we need something to do and for a great cause!) Come check out this event today, benefitting the Make a Wish Foundation! Food trucks, fireworks, activities, and a splash pad for the kiddos (or those of us older folks with Peter Pan Syndrome, like myself)! Tip: Bring a blanket, change of clothes, and towels.


June 6th, 1944

On this day 75 years ago, thousands of young men stormed the beaches of France in order to attack Nazi Germany. Many of these young men (some who weren’t even 18 yet) drowned while exiting the landing ships before even getting the chance to fight, being pulled down by the weight of their own gear in waters too deep to wade to the shore. Many were shot before disembarking was even possible as they approached the beach.

Just imagine for a moment that you are a young man, full of courage, bravado, and patriotism, heading towards the distant French coastline in a packed landing ship. As the nausea and anxiety set in with the realization that you are knocking at death’s door, the landing door opens and all hell breaks loose. Would you have had the courage to do what they did?

A majority of these young men would die. Blood spilled into the sand and painted the beaches red. This is a day that deserves remembrance and warrants our utmost respect. Let us not forget and give thanks to those brave men that fought for the defenseless and a cause that they believed in.