All Good Things Come to an End

With a bittersweet sadness, summer’s coming to an end. There are just a few weeks left until the kids go back to school and parents everywhere can breathe a sigh of relief. Not that we don’t adore our beautiful children, but…summer can be a lot! (Hats off to the teachers!) With the changing of the seasons comes the obstacle of preparing for the inevitable. I know that winter seems a long way off, but trust me, time flies when you’re having fun!

Get a jump start on any repairs that you’ve been putting on the back burner because it was too hot to venture outside. Come pop in and see us. Let our trusted experts give you an honest comb-over (not the hideous kind) and check your vehicle for any potential problems so that when the seasons change, you can rest assured and high five yourself because you know that you’re ready. You didn’t procrastinate. You didn’t put it off until the last second. You didn’t wait until the issue became a catastrophe. You’re on it like the boss that you are. Look at you go!

Looking for something to do to close out the summer? Come join us for a day of beautiful cars, fun, and people coming together for a great cause to elicit change! JP’s Collision Center’s 2nd Annual Car Show is coming up on August 25th! See our event posted in Car Czar for more details or visit the events page on our Facebook and let us know you’re coming. See you there!

Reviews Aren’t a Scary Topic When You Conduct Business As We Do!

JP’s Collision Center has been in business for over 4 decades and we pride ourselves on our customer service! But don’t just take our word for it, check out our reviews! Few auto repair facilities in the valley can boast the ratings we have and we wanted to thank all of our customers, from the bottom of our hearts, for taking the time to write reviews and help us shine! Thank you!

The Car Show is just over a month away and we are getting stoked! Are you? Do us a favor…if you plan on attending this event, can you go to the link on our events page and let us know so that we can be sure we have enough food and drinks for everybody, as well as get the parking lot ready to accommodate for the numbers of vehicles that’ll be there? Also, if you wouldn’t mind, please like and share the event to help us get the word out so we can ensure a successful and fun event that raises money for a great cause! Thanks in advance and see you there! You can also view our event info on Car Czar’s official website:

‘Safety First’: It’s Not Just a Slogan

‘Safety First’: It’s Not Just a Slogan

Sweet summertime! Kids are out of school, lemonade stands adorn our neighborhood corners, and the open road is calling! Is your vehicle ready for adventure? More importantly, will it make it safely to its destination and back again?

If you’re unsure or just want peace of mind, JP’s Collision Center can help! JP’s reputation for honesty proceeds him and you need never worry about being told that something needs repairs when it, in fact, doesn’t. His over 40 years of experience ensures that he and his team know exactly what they’re doing, which in turn rids you of the anxiety of ‘will my car make it?’ scenarios.

During a safety inspection, JP’s performs a bumper-to-bumper check on everything. Tires, fluid levels, lights, alignment…everything. Come and visit us and get the peace of mind you deserve so that the next time you are out on an adventure, ‘will my car make it?’ will be the last thought you’ll have!

Reminder: JP’s Collision Center’s 2nd Annual Car Show is coming up in August! Mark Your Calendars!
3675 S. 300 W. SLC, UT
See our flyer and event information here and on Car Czar’s show calendar website!
Interested in being involved? Give us a call at 801-266-7791

Happy Birthday, America!

From everyone at JP’s, we wanted to wish you a happy 4th of July! Truly the one day out of the year when we can legally blow stuff up for entertainment! My siblings and I have many fond memories of our father duct-taping various experimental fireworks together just to see what would happen. It was the strangest game of hide and seek ever! He’d light them and we’d dart behind bushes and trees for cover. (That all ended one year though when he accidentally sent a bottle rocket with several flowers taped to it into a neighbor’s cedar tree, setting it immediately ablaze.) Ah, yes! Let freedom ring and bust out the fire extinguishers and hot dogs! Have a wonderful Fourth, recreate responsibly and try not to burn your neighbor’s house down!