Pontiac Solstice

One inevitability in the life of a car is that it is bound to get some dings and scratches along the way. These accidents vary in degrees of severity, and sometimes they render the vehicle undrivable. When this happens, we can no longer ignore the damage like we can with a dent or something simply cosmetic. We need to get it fixed, or we will be Ubering everywhere we go, which isn’t the most practical answer.

Check out the repairs we did to this Pontiac, which hit a wall, nearly ripping the steering assembly and wheel clean off. The hood, quarter panel, and bumper were also damaged. Structural damage was pretty severe, but we think we handled the repairs like true professionals. What do you think?

Ready or Not…

It’s been said that Utah has only 2 seasons… winter and summer. There’s a blurry in-between somewhere, but if you ask any Utahn watching snow dust the peaks of the Wasatch this past week, they’ll just shrug and say, “welcome to Utah”. It was in the 90’s right before this. Normal, right? For us? kind of.

I was reminded of the coming season just this morning when shuttling the kids to school. As I started my car, that little warning indicator was staring me in the face, letting me know that my tire pressure was low. This happens often when temperatures change with the seasons because air contracts when it’s cold and expands again when it warms back up. It got me thinking about tire rotations, oil changes, and overall safety inspections. No one likes changing a tire or a breakdown when it’s 20 degrees outside and the road is covered in white. No one. Be proactive, not reactive.

Come see us and get ready for the inevitable changing of the seasons. We can check everything out for you and ensure that you are ready for whatever the Utah elements decide to throw at us!

Car Show 2019!

Thanks to all that showed up and showed off for a great cause! We raised roughly $1,000 for the Humane Society and couldn’t have done it without our amazing participants, sponsors, donors, and attendees! (Photo Credit: Bambi G.)