Happy Thanksgiving!

We just wanted to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving in advance because we know you’re going to be busy with family and friends next week and those food comas are a real thing. Seriously.

Food comas are where you eat so much and in so many rounds that by the end of it all, you’re lying on the floor in pain and the buttons on your jeans are screaming for mercy. You’re sweating and debating whether to fake your own death in order to get out of round 6. You can’t reach your phone to check your Facebook, let alone breathe evenly. They’re so real that we wanted to give you our Thanksgiving message beforehand.

In the spirit of thankfulness that seems to permeate the air around this time of year, JP’s wants to thank all of our customers and employees. We really wouldn’t be where we are today without each and every one of you! A business doesn’t last multiple decades without a great clientele, people willing to give reviews, and awesome employees! Thank you all and may you have a very happy Thanksgiving!

Out of Gifting Ideas?

The gifting season is slowly creeping upon us and, if you’re like me, you’re running out of ideas of what to get some of the harder to please people on my list. Why not give them a gift certificate for a top-notch detail or replace that bumper that’s been barely hanging onto their vehicle for the last 6 months?

We have tons of ideas as to what we can do to help you give a gift that’s unexpected, different, and actually useful. We can repair, replace, paint, upgrade, or polish just about everything riding on wheels, from bumper to bumper. Come pop in and ask for Scott or JP. Let us show you some of the possibilities and what 5-star service is all about!

A Thankful November!

November is a month that often forces us to hone in on and reflect upon what we are thankful for. Our social media pages are flooded with “30 Days of Thankfulness” posts and photos. We give thanks for everything from pumpkin spiced lattes to the little conveniences we enjoy on a daily basis. Things that often get taken for granted and overlooked… like having a roof over your head or the invention of toilet paper.

It’s around this time of year that we begin to soften our hardened exteriors in anticipation of the Holiday season. We open our hearts. We smile more. We see family members that we haven’t seen since the last go-round and we marinate in mutual gratitude. It truly is a wonderful time of year.

JP’s Collision Center wants you to know that we are thankful for YOU, our valued “family” of customers. Our 40 years in business couldn’t have ever been possible without our clientele, their referrals, and their return business. We just wanted to say thank you and wish you the most wonderful November yet!
Thank You!