Headlamp Restoration

Everything ages. We do, our dogs do, and so do our vehicle’s headlamps. Fear not though, because JP’s has a solution… at least for that last one. Have you ever been driving at night down that dark back road, studded with potholes, deer, and the occasional creepy shadow that could possibly turn out to be the guy from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre? And then you have that epiphany of a moment when you realize that you can’t see 5 feet in front of you? In my personal experience, that’s always exactly when the deer will jump right out in front of your car like fuzzy, four-legged Rambos. Let’s face it; we need to be able to see in all conditions while driving, people! Foggy headlamps reduce your ability to see at night and during inclement weather conditions, and they are at fault for many accidents. We can help!


Through a process of dry sanding, wet sanding, and then a clear coat application that contains a protective UV filter in it, we can bring your old and foggy headlamps back to looking better than new and back to lighting your way like they were originally intended to do. The best part? They’ll stay like that. The UV treatment in the clear coat protects your headlamps from further oxidization and deterioration so that you can rest assured that the next time you need your lamps to do what they were designed to do, they’ll be ready. Come and see us, give us a call, or drop us a message and ask about our headlamp restoration!

Also… just a friendly reminder, JP’s Car Show is coming up this August 26th (which is a Sunday) and for this year, JP has decided to ask for donations in lieu of a registration fee… 100% of which will go to the Operation Zero – Veteran Suicide Prevention PCR, which provides a number of services for veterans and their families in an effort to reduce the number of veteran suicides. This is an issue that is close to the hearts of everyone at JP’s, and we would appreciate your donations in an effort to raise awareness and much-needed aid for the veterans that are in need. Exact times still TBD, and we’ll keep you posted as the date gets closer, but mark your calendars now! More information about this amazing organization can be found at https://www.facebook.com/Operation-Zero-Veteran-Suicide-Prevention-PCR-1889149701371441/


1998 Fleetwood Bounder

Every project that we have the honor of working on presents its own unique requirements and challenges; that’s what makes our jobs fun! This motorhome was no exception to that rule, and we pulled out all of the stops to ensure both the satisfaction of our customer and the delivery of an exceptionally finished product. This particular job was both a customer pay and an insurance claim collaboration, which was no issue for the team at JP’s! We frequently work with situations similar to this one, and we handle all of the hassles that tend to accompany insurance claims, leaving you to spend more time planning your next vacation, rather than worrying about covering all angles yourself.


Look, we are never in the business of judging anyone. We understand that motorhomes are large, precarious, and bound to get a few bumps and bruises. We get it! No matter how awesome of a driver you are, it isn’t a matter of IF, but WHEN it will happen. No stress. We’ve got you! Bringing your vehicle back to its best condition is what we do, and we like to think we do it extremely well. No matter the size of the vehicle, no matter the damage or how many multiples of requests, we can and will accommodate!


Insurance companies can give even the toughest of people a massive headache. They seem to speak almost in code at times, leaving us to question their motives and our own sanity. Our team has established working relationships with those insurance companies and we speak their language, so the inconvenience that often accompanies dealing with them will be our pleasure. Don’t get us wrong; we love our insurance agents, but working with them if you don’t speak their language can be confusing and an added stressor. Let us take the proverbial wheel for you so that all you need to do is be excited about what the future holds!


Project completion photos soon to follow! Stay tuned!

1983 Chevy Camaro Z28



This American-made beauty was only in need of a little of the right kind of personal attention! Equipped with an appreciation for maintaining beautifully made things, a keen eye, and an impeccable sense of attention to detail, our Tyler Sieverts (AKA “Kid Rock”) really made the interior of this Camaro come (back) to life. As with anything that is lovingly used, appearances tend to fade with time and natural wear. Seats get worn, crayons melt, drinks spill, and life happens. Unfortunately for our vehicles, this means that it’s their interior that seems to take the brunt of the beatings. Luckily for you, we have someone on our team that can fix all of that.


Tyler learned to reupholster interiors while attending Wyoming Tech., and it was during that time that he discovered that he truly had a knack and a passion for the trade. We agree! He was able to meticulously disassemble, pattern, and then sew together each amazing piece of the interior, leaving us and the customer with a finished product that is better, in our opinion, than what you would get inside a brand-new vehicle, right off of the dealership lot! The embroidered logos on the seats were done by our friends at Keep It Marketing, completing the whole look, bringing it all together, and really making the design pop.


We are so honored to have Tyler as a part of our team and he really brings something special and of value to the table, further enabling us as a company to better serve you and all of your automotive needs. We stand by our belief that we can handle just about any project that comes through our doors, even redesigning the interior of your vehicle for a customized fit. And, now that you’ve read this, you’re going to notice the state of your own vehicle’s interior the next time you get in it. Not looking so great? Getting a little shabby? Just want something different or more your style? Come on down and see what Tyler and the rest of the team can do for you!

Mother Nature was Confused

If you’re anything like me, you are currently praying that mother nature figures her stuff out and/or gets back on her medication. Hopefully, that last burst of winter was it and we can now begin thinking about summer. She did do us a favor in disguise though because her indecisiveness has bought us a few extra weeks to get all of our summer-essential toys ready for every mountain, desert, river, and lake. Time to pull the tarps and dust them off in the name of adventure! Mother nature may have been confused, but we aren’t… and you don’t have to be either.


The team at JP’s is standing by to address all of your automotive, RV, trailer, ATV, boat, and 5th wheel trailer needs! There are many benefits to getting your rigs ready now, including the avoidance of leaving for that annual family sand dunes trip 3 hours later than you had all envisioned, noticing at the last possible moment that the RV isn’t as road-ready as you had believed, and after you’ve already loaded up all the kids, dogs, groceries, and impatient mothers-in-law. Not saying I’ve ever done this… but then is not the time to start tinkering with your wagon train of toys for little and bigger fixes. Take action before you even have a date marked on your calendar for the next fishing trip or camping extravaganza. Tax returns are probably burning a hole in your wallet anyway, and there could not a better time to get everything taken care of so that, when adventure calls, you’re already ready to go! (It’s a crazy concept, right?)

Another reminder: our Annual Car Show is coming this August 26th, so tell your friends and get your rides ready! Contact us if you are interested in participating in or sponsoring our event, or if you need help getting your car ready for the show. Stay tuned for exact times!

Truly a Triumph!

The warmer seasons are upon us! The cherry blossoms are in full swing and the lawns are finally ready for the first mow of the season. I can smell the grass clippings now! Don’t do what I’ve done before as a motorcycle owner and wait until the day before you want to break it out to check and see if she’s ready! Trust me on this one, guys. You’ll find an expired registration, flat or low tire pressure, a dead battery, lamps that aren’t working, oxidized paint, a resident rodent in your saddle bag, or worse. Get your bike down to JP’s now, and avoid missing out on the riding season!


This British classic 1959 Triumph Bonneville was brought down to our shop in a disassembled state and in need of a little TLC to get her ready for the roads this summer. Our skilled techs took the parts and made them look like 1959 was yesterday! Do you have a bike in need of our attention? Come pop in and see us today!

“Forget about it!”



What’s that sound I hear? Sounds like freedom to me! (Insert bald eagles cawing the National Anthem here.) This brand-new hitch trailer was brought down to JP’s by a New York native with a thick accent, and a request for all-American graphics and a fresh paint job to match the existing paint on his truck. Man did his team deliver! This out-of-state job had to be completed quickly, but that didn’t mean the team skimped on quality.


The customer came in with an idea in his head of what he wanted and the team at JP’s brought those ideas to life. The graphics were expertly designed by Tom Sloan Designs, our trusted graphics designer, and meticulously applied on top of a beautiful layer of metallic black paint to match his truck, which was flawlessly sprayed in a collective effort by Scott Olson (the legend himself) and his talented up-and-coming apprentice, Jeremy. Finally, they added a clear coat layer to protect both the graphics and the paint. It turned out gorgeously! What do you think?


When we say we can do just about anything, we mean it! If you can tow it, stow it, drive it, push it, float it, or make it move using Jedi powers, we can make it look great while you go. There is no such thing as an odd job here and we don’t use the word ‘impossible’. We make ideas come to life, and there’s no such thing as too lofty of a dream. Come see us and let us show you the possibilities! We can promise you won’t “forget about it!”

One Happy Devil Dog

This is the story of a disgruntled Marine with a Subaru Outback that had previously leaked from every possible place, making her wonder why they don’t make incontinence diapers for cars and contemplate the logistics and repercussions of setting it on fire. She spent more money on refilling depleting fluids, kitty litter for the driveway and therapists, and issued more apologies for her mid-traffic-stalling, power-steering-failing vehicle than ever imaginable.
The power steering fluid leaked like a submarine with a screen door and had to be refilled each morning, or else it would quit when it ran to the last drop, usually when making a hasty turn into traffic. Many an angry gesture from fellow drivers would follow. The coolant also leaked, making puddles at each stop and sending a nasty sweet-smelling perfume (for lack of a better descriptive word) into the interior of her car, making herself and her children want to vomit. The automatic transmission would shift so hard from 2nd to 3rd, that no cup of coffee or juice box survived.
But she loved that car. So, she limped it into JP’s Collision Center, dropped it off, and got a ride home from one of their amazing employees. She was sure that the fix would take several days, if not a week or two… Two business days later, she got a call that her vehicle was done and ready! That’s when the anxiety set in. This would surely cost her an arm and a leg, as well as two of her dog’s legs. To her surprise, the bill was beyond reasonable and honest, and they gave her a military discount!
When she saw her Subaru Outback, it was obvious that attention to detail had been given to the exterior. It was washed, shined, and looking prettier than the 4th of July! Even the tires had been shined! The same attention had been given to the interior and would’ve passed her Senior Drill Instructor’s white glove inspection. No more MIA chicken nuggets and crayons under her seat that her children had stashed away for the Apocalypse. No more greasy prints on the windows. No more of that smell that would make you wish your nose was broken. It was perfection, and for a Marine to say that…
All leaks had been pinpointed and solved. The issues with the transmission turned out to be a simple fix, something most shops might have scammed her into a new transmission altogether on. They even went as far as to fill up her tank with gas! She holds very high standards, and JP’s Collision Center exceeded them all! The “Subie” is back and ready for action! She may have even been caught actually smiling, though no one would have dared to point that out.
By now you might have figured out that the Marine in this story is the same person writing this. It is a true story and I wanted to share it with you because, let’s be honest here, there are not very many shops out there that would have gone to the extent to set the bar for excellence like JP and his crew did for me. There were so many extras done that I hadn’t even thought to ask for, extras that they took the liberty of doing. I will never take my beloved Subaru anywhere else! If they would do this for me, you know that they would do the same for you! So, the next time you are contemplating giving your car a gasoline bath with a combustion treatment, go see JP and his awesome crew first! You won’t regret it!

Summer’s breaking up with you and it’s not you…it’s your car

Spring has sprung, and it is a great time to address those unsightly issues with your vehicle that have been nagging at you all winter long. Sure, the snow hid those blemishes for a while, but now the warmer weather is on the way and nobody wants to be seen riding around on wheels with rust popping through, mirrors hanging on by the grace of duct tape, or oxidized paint and dents galore. While you’re here, we can take care of any general maintenance needs you might have as well and get you ready to hit the open roads again.


Camping, get-togethers, and fishing trips are calling! Make sure your ride looks as good as you do this summer! Come pop in and see what JP and his team can do to help your vehicle look its best this spring and summer. Whether you need a simple buff and shine or a complete makeover, we have got you covered! JP’s Collision Center takes pride in putting smiles on people’s faces and getting you ready for a great summer, so come see us and say hello!

JP’s tips

I was talking to a friend of mine the other day about the subject of removing bug guts from the front of your car, motorcycle, RV, etc. It’s simple folks and called a magic eraser. Just wet the area with soap and water, then just whip over the area with the magic eraser and… magic! No more bugs and it will not hurt your paint. If they are really bad, soak your car down and leave the front for last so that by the time you get to it, the bugs have softened a little and they will come off easier.