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We do our best to provide outstanding service and superior workmanship. Even with our long history, we still get questions from prospective clients. Contact us anytime to ask us your questions.

Do I have to go where the insurance company tells me?

No, you don’t. Steering, which is what this is called, is illegal. Take your car anywhere you want to for repairs.


Why do I pay a deductible to the shop?

Your deductible is what you’re responsible for as a part of the repair. The insurance company sends a check to us for the rest of the costs.


What is a betterment?

Betterment is a percentage of use that you got out of a part on your vehicle prior to the claim. This applies to struts, shocks, ball joints, tires, or batteries, for example.


auto-faq-supporting1What is the difference between OEM, aftermarket, and LKQ?

OEM, or original equipment manufacturer, is the company that made the car. Aftermarket is any manufacturer other than the original factory. LKQ stands for like kind and quality. Although used, these parts come from the same type of vehicle, but tend to be much less expensive.


Why is there a big difference between various bids for repair?

This is due to many factors. Be sure to request an itemized estimate to show labor hours, repair hours, parts, paint, and material. Know what type of parts you are getting (OEM, aftermarket, or LKQ.) Labor differs from on shop to the next. Some companies low-ball the initial labor estimate and then tack on charges later.


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